About the Project

PICTONIO, started in July 2017 the project PICTONIO 2020_Empowering the Future supported by the Incentive Systems of Portugal2020, related to Business R&DT- Internationalization of R&D.

  • Project Number: 38.914
  • Notice for application: 24/SI/2017
  • Designation of the Project: PICTONIO 2020_Empowering the Future (Internacionalização: SI I&D – Empresas)
  • Eligible investment: € 18.784,00
  • Non-Reimbursable Incentive: € 9.392,00
  • Objective: To strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Summary description:

This project aims to promote the participation of PICTONIO, a company that develops tailor made web solutions, on European projects, fomenting investment in R&D activities, with the intention of developing

In this sense, the company has defined a program of participation in European programs, in line with its capacities and sectors of action, which meets the company's objectives and its potential, allowing a greater international projection through the integration into networks of partnerships European countries.

This project will allow the company to submit three applications for European funding programs, as well as the participation in European Commission events (networking sessions and seminars), stimulating the company's growth in national and international terms, supported by structural projects for the company, that allow to extend its portfolio of services.