About the Project

Project title: PressClub - Unified Digital Publications Management Platform

Project code: CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-039813

Main Objective: To strengthen the company's competitiveness by reinforcing investment for Innovation in Research and Technological Development projects.

Intervention region: Center

Beneficiary: PICTONIO Lda.

Approved on: 2019-11-18

Start date: 2020-01-29

End date: 2022-01-28

Total eligible cost: € 508,075.23

European Union financial support: FEDER - € 344,152.50

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results:

The PressClub - Unified Digital Publications Management Platform project aims to create a new digital platform for the Media Industry that allows taking advantage of new models for accessing, creating, sharing and marketing digital content. The innovation associated with the project focuses mainly on the technological component through the use of new approaches based on the incorporation of technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Unified Interfaces to create differentiating experiences for the new digital audiences, thus allowing to bring added value to the sector of Creative Industries.