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We are a software engineering company formed by an experienced team of engineers. We develop systems and perform integrations between existing platforms, seeking to find effective solutions for each client.
We create innovative, elegant and intuitive solutions directed to the needs of different users while monetizing the management process and decision support.

Areas of Expertise



Public Institutions

Our Core

Built to suit

We improve the existing management tools gathering in a single portal all the information, graphics and data interconnection

Open Source

Our answer to the challenges proposed are based in open source technologies, without licenses and excessive costs, very reliable and scalable. Also because we have the support of a large community in which we are active members (Drupal)

The Team

An experienced team, effective and motivated oriented towards solving problems and challenges


We ally the technical skills to human skills based on proactivity, dedication and transparency with technological solutions to increase knowledge and competitiveness of the organizations.

Web technology

Custom Intranet Web sites in Drupal and Wordpress

Mobile technology

Responsive Web Design, Android, iOS, PhoneGap

E-Commerce Solutions

Platform E-Commerce, Product Information Management

Internet of Things (IoT)

Big Data Management (Tracking Sensor)

Application Support

Drupal, MariaDB, MySQL, Wordpress

Processes and Procedures

Project Management, Transparency, Pro-activity, Troubleshooting


Freedom to create own solutions with safety and functional stability enabling existing software use, with a drastic reduction of costs.

Recent Projects

"From the first contact the team Pictonio captivated us for their professionalism and for innovation. After several months of working together we still feel their dedication and proactivity. A solid and competent team and a global future. "João Vasconcelos, former Executive Director Startup Lisboa

BPnet Portal | Portugal's Central Bank

The Portal is an electronic communication system that aims to connect the Bank of Portugal with other finance entities, based on infrastructure and services, provided and managed by the Central Bank of Portugal. The access points for the entities are predetermined and contracted.

developed in Drupal

Enterprise Social Network | Altice Labs

We created an internal portal that aggregates all the information, formerly spread across several systems, relevant for a specific user, Namely, Human Resources, Task Management, Blogs, institutional News, among others. The information is indexed and contextualized in order to facilitate people search and related content.

developed in Drupal

Websites channel Art TV | Art Channel TV

Evolutionary Maintenance of the Platform of ARTE TV channel that covers the various sites of the group. All management of multimedia content for each channel in a simple and intuitive back office interface.

developed in Drupal

Poker Speak App | Pictonio

App for data collection in poker live tournaments through voice recognition.The project's goal is to collect all the information of a live Tournament Poker and provide this information in real time, through a mobile application.

developed for Android

Front Office and Intranet | TICE

The platform brings together diverse information relevant to its members (particularly of Braga, Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon areas). It covers the entire value chain of TICE areas, ensuring and promoting the interfaces of the academic world - universities, I&D institutes - and the business world.

developed in Drupal

Press Club - Unified Digital Publications Management Platform

The PressClub project aims to create a new digital platform for the Media Industry that allows taking advantage of new models for accessing, creating, sharing and marketing digital content.

It is an R&D project in Coproduction between Pictonio and the University of Beira Interior. Co-financed by PT2020, operational program of the Centro Region.

in development